Jake Reed

Quarantine Update

April 07, 2020

A Quick Note

I really really hope that everyone is doing well and staying safe right now. I am fortunate to be away from most of the cases in the US. Please take care everyone.

What Have I Been Up To?

Recently I have been spending most of my time sitting at home. Work is really weird. I have just been rolling out of bed in the morning, connecting to the VPN, and doing what I need to do for the day. Everything feels very mechanical and repetitive. If I did this permanently, I would probably have to create a healthier routine. Either way, it’s been quite here for the most part with not a lot happening which is fine by me. I am an introvert by nature anyways.

Things I Worry About

I know many have been worried about money but that has been the least of my worries right now. Once again, I’m super lucky to have pretty good job security even in the event of a world pandemic. Most of my concern is for my family which I’m sure is the case for most if not everyone else. It’s weird and sometimes hard to think about being mortal. At the same it’s really good to think about those kind of things since it really makes you cherish everything you get to experience.

Good Things

I’m done with the sad things. It’s time to finally talk about happy things. I have all the time in the world to focus back on side projects and more importantly, being a member of the Express triage team! Recently I have been putting together a Discord bot using Discord.js. I have built a variety of Slack, Messenger, etc. bots in the past but this is by far the most intuitive framework I’ve used yet. I’m hoping to put something up talking about the process of putting together a Discord bot once I make good headway on the project. Stay tuned!

Future Updates

I want to document what’s happening weekly. I feel like it might help me keep more of my sanity. Might be good for me to express some things in writing too just to get them out. Either way, please keep and stay safe everyone. We’ll be out of the woods soon enough. Thanks to everyone that is working in the hospitals, grocery stores, deliveries, etc. You are the real heros and thank you for everything. ❤️

Jake Reed

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