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September 30, 2019

I’ve spent 90% of my career writing code for the backend. I made a choice to change that and finally learn the front end. Enter ReactJS…

What I’ve Seen So Far…

I picked ReactJS since I have played around in the past with AngularJS and wanted to give something else a go for once. A few differences I’ve seen so far…

  1. JSX vs TypeScript
  2. Typings (Outside of PropTypes there doesn’t seem to be any in ReactJS)
  3. Data Bindings
  4. One-way (ReactJS)
  5. Two-way/One-way (Angular)

    So far the biggest challenge has been trying to switch the mindset of passing data wherever I need it server side. However, it does force you to be more mindful of how you manipulate state, display data, and so on. Functions like componentDidMount() and componentWillReceiveProps() have made that less painful.


    Pull Hair Out
    I forgot how tedious CSS can be…

    Serious props to the folks that do this everyday and put out helpful guides. I would not be able to do this without you.

    Future/Current Projects

    So far I’ve been easing my way back into “Front End Land”, but a I have had a chance to play with it for this site as well as another that is still in the works but is a little more involved. A little bit each day not to overwhelm myself seems to be the best strategy.


    It’s been an adventure so far and I can’t wait to learn more. It is definitely a different world than most of the other work I’ve done with Android, server side, and InfoSec. but is, none the less, just as rewarding if not more so. Of course all of my projects are available here.

See you all on the other side…

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